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坹e flashed.‘It was a pretty poor outlook f●or Toby to be circumcised like that while one wa▓s taking shore leave and I w▓as worried.(I’m circumcised ▓already.) However, my presence of mind did▓n’t desert me.He wanted to punch a few ▓heads, but I restrained him.I was in police● uniform you see, and that made it▓ easier.I made a little speec●h to th

was lucky I knew what● was going on.I knew that

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e crowd saying that I was going to▓ take the infi


del and this perishing bird int●o chokey to hand


them over to th▓e Parquet.That satisfied them.But


there was n●o way of silencing Ron, even un▓der


his little veil, was there R▓on The little basta

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rd recite▓d the Kalima all the way back here.We●

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buttons, and▓ still mopping his head went on: ‘I must say —● it was wonderful to see old Toby again ●after so long.He had t



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o sell▓ the bird, of course, after ▓such a riot.Didn’t dare go▓ through the dock area again wi●th it.But now I’m doubtful,



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for ●I daren’t take it out of the● room hardly for fear of what mo●re it knows.’ He sighed.‘Another good thing▓’ he wen


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t on ‘was the recipe Toby brough●t for Mock Whisky —

Malorum John

ever heard of it Nor had ●I.Better than Scotch and dirt

Bonorum Finibus

che●ap, old man.From now on I’m going to brew all▓ m

Finibus Malorum

y own drinks, thanks to Toby.Here.Look at ▓this.’ He i

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ndicated a grubby bottle

full ▓of some fieryI

ooking liquid.‘It’

s home●-made beer’ he

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